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AC-DC Converters AC-DC Converter Range UL
3W AC-DC Converters 3W AC-DC Converters
20Amp Current Transformer 20Amp Current Transformer
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AC Line filter Common Mode Choke
Audio Minature
Dual Primary Toroidal 2 x 115V / 230V
PCB Transformers Dual Primary 115V/230V
Low Profile Transformers - UI39 10-30VA
5 Watt AC-DC Converters
12W Plug top Interchangeable Headers
100V Line Transformers
Encapsulated PCB Transformers - EI30 0.35-2.8VA
DC-DC SIP Non Isolated LM78XX Compatible
Audio Input Transformers
Open style Pulse Transformers
Control Panel Transformers - 15-0-15-230-400V Primary
Choke Filter Base Mount
Precision Current Transformers
Gaming Machine PSU

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