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  1. Input: 100 - 264VAC , 47 - 63Hz
  2. Multiple Outputs with PFC
  3. OCP & OVP protection
  4. Mains Power Fail signal
  5. Mains Power Feed-through socket
  6. Internal Fan for cooling
  7. Built in EMC Filter
  8. Supports Lamp & Reel Machines
  9. Optional Voltages 36V, 44V & 48V
  10. Power: 280W

Part Number Power Watt Optional Voltage
VTX-218-0077-1 280 36V
VTX-218-0077-2 280 44V
VTX-218-0077-3 280 48V

Vigortronix is a trading name of Vigortronix (UK) Ltd
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