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Company Vision


We at Vigortronix appreciate the needs of our customers who know that they can call on our engineering, design and production services to help resolve their needs, particularly when operating in niche markets where high quality, reliability and price maintains their business objectives, always remaining competitive and having an advantage over their rivals.

It is our vision and goal to provide sectors in the electronics market with quality and price competitive products, for low, medium and high volume requirements. Our operation is set up to enable us to meet our vision. We excel at taking our customer’s design requirements and produce prototypes for evaluation, typically within days. We are geared to produce in-house small / medium quantities requiring very short lead times. For larger quantities where price needs to be very keen we have a number of manufacturing partners around the world working with us to achieve our vision.

 Also, we supply many standard products to our distributors, such as Premier Farnell, Rapid and many other well-known International distribution centres who have found the value of our vision.

The company holds certification to ISO 9001:2015 which supports us giving professional service to our customers. We are always seeking ways to enhance that support which customers have come to expect from us.


For 2019 the business plans are on growth, particularly in the PSU sector, whilst maintaining customer focus. So far, this year has proved to be exciting, demanding and rewarding for all whilst looking forward to 2020 with enthusiasm.






Vigortronix is a trading name of Vigortronix (UK) Ltd