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Terms and Conditions
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a) Vigortronix (UK) Ltd who trades as Vigortronix is called "the Company” and the individual firm, company or other party with
whom the Company sells its products is called "the Customer”.
b) "Goods” means the goods, articles and materials which are to be supplied by the Company pursuant to the Contract (as
hereinafter defined)
c) "The Contract” means any contract, howsoever made, between the Company and the Customer.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all orders are accepted by the Company subject to the following Terms and Conditions,
which alone shall apply in the Contract, and all other Terms and Conditions are expressly excluded. Receipt of goods by
the Customer shall be conclusive proof that the Customer has accepted in the absence of any express or other implied
acceptance of these Conditions by the Customer.
1. Price and Quotations
1.1 All orders are accepted on the understanding that the goods will be charged at the prices ruling on this date if despatch unless
the prices have been made firm for an agreed period.
1.2 If the Purchaser wishes to return goods due to no fault of the company or product, the Purchaser must get written agreement to
return the goods. If the Purchaser is looking for a credit then the returns shall be subject to a 25% ‘Returns Charge’.
1.3 Quotations and times for despatch are conditional on complete details of the Customers’ requirements having been supplied.
Time will run only from the date when all requisite information is received.
1.4 Any quotations given by the Company is an invitation to the Customer to make an offer only, and no order of the Customer
placed with the Company in pursuance of a quotation or otherwise shall be binding on the Company unless and until it is
accepted by the Company.
1.5 The price of the goods is exclusive of Value Added Tax, which will be charged at the rate applicable at the appropriate tax point.
1.6 Unless otherwise stated process do not include delivery charges.
1.7 The Company reserves the right to increase the price of the goods by the amount of any increase in costs necessarily incurred
by the Company in the performance of the Contract between the date of acceptance of the order and the date of delivery
(including but both limited to costs/relating to the goods exchange rate, labour, materials, transport and taxes) or where the
increase is due to any act or default of the Customer, including without the cancellation by the Customer of part of any order or
non-adherence to agreed call-off scheduled delivery arrangements.
2. Risk
Unless otherwise agreed between the Company and the Purchaser the risk in respect of all goods supplied under the Contract
shall pass to the purchaser on delivery of the goods. The property in the goods shall not pass to the Purchaser except as
provided in condition 3
3. Property
3.1 Notwithstanding the provisions of Condition 4 the Company and the Purchaser expressly agree that until the Company has been
paid in full for any goods, such goods shall remain the property of the Company and the Purchaser shall hold them as Bailee.
3.2 So long as the property in the goods remain in the Company:
(i) The Company shall have the right, without prejudice to the obligation of the Purchaser to purchase the goods, to repossess the
goods and for that purpose to go upon any premises occupied by the Purchaser.
(ii) The Purchaser shall store the goods separately and in a manner, which makes them readily identifiable as the goods of the
3.3 The Company may maintain an action for the price of the foods notwithstanding that property in the goods may not have passed
to the Purchaser.
4. Delivery
4.1 The Company will use its best endeavours to comply with any dates for despatch or delivery of the goods as stated in the
Contract, but unless the Contract otherwise expressly provides such date or dates constitute only statements of expectation and
shall not be binding. The Purchaser shall accordingly accept delivery of the goods when tendered, and time delivery shall not be
of the essence of the Contract.
4.2 If the Company fails to despatch or deliver the goods or to complete the work by such date or dates, such failure shall not
constitute a breach of the Contract and the Purchaser shall note entitled to treat the Contract as thereby repudiated or to rescind
it or any related Contact in whole or part or claim compensation for such failure or for any consequential loss or damage
resulting h there from.
4.3 If the Company shall be prevented or hindered from supplying the goods or any part thereof or from installing the same in
accordance with Contract by any circumstances beyond its reasonable control (including without prejudice to the generality of
the foregoing force majeure, breakdown of plant, delay by suppliers, trade disputes including disputes involving the Company’s
own workforce and all other causes whether or not of a like nature the reasonable control of the Company) further performance
of the Contract shall be suspended for as long as the Company is so prevented or hindered and the period of delivery shall be
extended accordingly , provided that in the event that the performance the Contract shall be suspended for more than six
consecutive calendar moths the Company shall be entitled by notice in writing to the Purchaser forthwith to terminate the
Contract or to cancel any outstanding part thereof and in such circumstances the Purchaser shall pay at the Contract rate for all
goods supplied or all work done and materials used by the Company to the actual date of such termination. In no event shall the
Purchaser remove from Company’s premises any progression tools provided by the Purchaser in connection with the Contract
until the Contract has been completed by the Company or the Company has given notice to the Purchaser of termination of the
Contract. The Company shall not have any liability to the Purchaser for any direct or consequential loss or damage suffered by
the Purchaser as a result of the Company’s inability to perform its obligations under the Contract in the circumstances
mentioned above.
4.4 If no time for delivery or completion is specified in the Contract the Purchaser shall be bound to accept the goods when they are
ready foe delivery by the Company. The Company shall be under no obligation to deliver or complete the same until the expiry
of a reasonable time from the date of the Contract.
4.5 When expedited delivery or completion is agreed to by the Company, which necessitates overtime or other additional costs, the
Purchaser shall reimburse the Company for the amount of such overtime payment or other cost. Where postponement of
Vigortronix is a trading name of Vigortronix (UK) Ltd.
Registered office address: Sterling House, 19-23 High Street, Kidlington, Oxon OX5 2DH Company Reg No. 06630112
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delivery or completion is agreed by the Company or occasioned by the Purchaser, the Purchaser shall if required by the
Company pay all costs and expenses incurred by the Company (including a reasonable charge for storage of the goods)
occasioned thereby, but the goods shall be held at the Purchaser’s risk as from the date of postponement.
4.6 The Company reserves the right to supply 5% more or less than the exact quantity on all orders. Such over deliveries or
shortages shall be charged for (and paid for by the Purchaser in accordance with the Contract) or deducted pro rata. The
Company shall not have liability to the Purchaser for ay direct or consequential loss or damage suffered by the Purchaser as a
result of any over-delivery or shortage referred to in the condition.
5. Payments
5.1 The Contract price for the goods shall be paid without set-off on delivery or where the Purchaser has a credit account with the
Company net monthly.
5.2 In the event of any goods being delivered at the Purchaser’s request by instalments then each instalment shall be deemed to be
the subject of a separate Contract and these Conditions shall apply to each Contract mutatis mutandis. The Company shall be
entitled to request payment for any instalment of the Contract goods so delivered in accordance with the provision of subparagraph
5.1 above and failure to pay within the relevant period specified where the Purchaser has a credit account shall
entitle the Company further to request payment for all Contract goods delivered by the Company to the Purchaser and (without
prejudice to any other remedy available to the Company) to suspend deliveries of further goods pending payment of all monies
due to the Company on any account.
5.3 The Company shall be entitled to charge simple, interest on any part of the Contract price not paid by its due date from that date
until payment at the rate of 2% above Barclays Base Rate per month.
5.4 The time mentioned above for payment for goods is of the essence of this contract.
5.5 The Company shall be entitled to assign the debts due from the Purchaser to the Company.
5.6 In the event that the Purchaser requests the opening of a credit account with the Company the Purchaser shall submit to the
Company two trade references and a banker’s reference. The opening of a credit account shall be at the entire discretion of the
6. Warranty
6.1 The Company warrant shall if the Purchaser within 28 days of delivery of the goods notifies the Company in writing of any
defects of workmanship or materials in the goods the Company shall at its option replace such goods or refund to the Purchaser
the price of such goods as are shown in materials or workmanship to the Company’s satisfaction to be defective. In the case of
goods supplied but not manufactured buy the Company, the Company shall use its best endeavours to pass on to the Purchaser
the benefit of any warranty given by the Supplier to the Company but shall have no other liability in respect thereof. The
defective goods shall be returned at the cost of the Purchaser properly and adequately packed at such time as the Company
shall specify to the Purchaser. In no circumstances shall the defective goods be returned to the Company without the prior
agreement of the Company.
6.2 The Purchaser shall inspect the goods immediately upon delivery and in the event of goods not complying with the order, the
Purchaser shall inform the Company in writing within seven days of receipt of the goods. If the Purchaser discovers any
discrepancy between the goods supplied and those described on the Company’s order acknowledgement the Purchaser shall
inform the sales department of the Company in writing within seven days of receipt of the goods.
6.3 Failure to make any such claim with such period shall constitute unqualified acceptance of goods and waiver by the Purchaser
of all claims relating to defects in (subject to paragraph 6.1 above) or non-delivery of the goods or delivery of the wrong goods or
error on the Company’s invoice as the case may be.
6.4 Save as aforesaid (and subject to Condition 12.3.5 below save in respect of death or personal injury resulting from the
negligence of the Company its servants or agents) the Company shall be liable for any claim or claims for direct or indirect
consequential or incidental injury or damage made by the Purchaser against the Company (weather in contract or in tort
including negligence on the part of the Company its servants or agents out of or in connection with any defects in the goods or
any omission neglect or defect (weather or not the same constitutes a fundamental breach of the Contract or breach of a
fundamental term thereof) of the Company its servants or agents in the performance of the Contract.
6.5 Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing nothing herein contained shall operate or restrict liability for breach of any
obligation arising from section 13. 14 or 15 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or the Supply of Goods and Service Act 1982 as
against the Purchaser if he is dealing as a consumer as defined by section 12 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.
6.6 Subject only to the provisions of these conditions no statement undertaking warranty or condition express or implied by law
trade custom or otherwise shall apply to the Contract.
6.7 The Purchaser shall indemnify the Company against all action, claims or demands by third parties against the Company
howsoever arising directly or indirectly in respect of or in connection with the goods of the Contract by the company to supply
the same upon the terms and conditions herein contained.
6.8 Without prejudice to the foregoing the Company shall in no circumstances be liable for any loss damage costs or expenses,
which exceed in the aggregate the sale price of the goods.
6.9 The price at which the Company agrees to supply the goods is based on
6.9.1 The warranties given and accepted
6.9.2 The cost of manufacture of goods
6.9.3 The cost of insurance and packing and
6.9.4 The exclusions and the restrictions of liability imposed
The Company is prepared to negotiate a different price if the Purchaser requires any variation of such warranties or extension of
the liabilities accepted by the Company.
7. Drawings and Literature
The Property and copyright in all products, documents, designs, drawings, plans, photographs, illustrations and other printed
matter submitted to the Purchaser will remain with the Company. The Purchaser will not copy, procure or communicate any part
of them to any third party without the Company’s written consent. The Company reserves the right to change drawings and/or
specifications without notice. Furthermore the information contained for the purpose of description only and shall not form part of
the Contract. The Company gives no guarantee or representation as to their accuracy. Performance figures given are
approximate only and are not guaranteed.
8. Patents
The Purchaser will indemnify the Company against all actions, proceedings, claims, costs, demands and expenses brought or
made against the Company or incurred by it as a result of work done at the Purchaser’s request in accordance with designs or
specifications furnished by the Purchaser and which involves or may involve the infringement of any letters patent, product,
copyright, registered design or trade mark.
Vigortronix is a trading name of Vigortronix (UK) Ltd.
Registered office address: Sterling House, 19-23 High Street, Kidlington, Oxon OX5 2DH Company Reg No. 06630112
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9. Lien
Without prejudice to any other remedies which the Company may have the Company shall in respect of all debts due and
payable by the Purchaser to the Company have general lien on all goods and property belonging to the Purchaser in its
possession and shall be entitled, upon the expiration of 14 days of notice to the Purchaser to disclose of such goods or property
as it thinks fit and to apply any proceeds of sale thereof towards the payment of such debts.
10. Insolvency and Breach of Contract
In the event that
10.1 The Purchaser shall commit any breach of the Contract and shall fail to remedy such breach (if capable of remedy) within a
period of 30d days from receipt of notice in writing from the Company requesting such remedy, or
Any distress or execution is levied upon any of the goods or property of the Purchaser, or
10.2 The Purchaser offers to make any agreement with or for the benefit or commits any act of bankruptcy or being a Limited
Company, has a Receiver appointed of the whole or any part of its undertaking property or assets, or
10.3 Any order is made or a resolution is passed or analogues proceedings are taken for the winding up of the Purchaser (save for
the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation without insolvency and previously approved in writing by the Company) then and
in any such case the Company shall be entitled without prejudice to its other rights hereunder forthwith to suspend all further
deliveries until the default has been made good or to determine the Contract or any unfulfilled part thereof or at the Company’s
option to make partial deliveries. Notwithstanding any such termination, the Purchaser shall pay to the Company at the Contract
rate for all work done, materials used and goods delivered up to and including the date of termination.
11. Severance
If at any one or more of the provisions of these conditions becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect under any law,
the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions thereof shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.
12. Export
12.1 These Conditions shall apply to all export sales outside the United Kingdom except as varied in the Company’s order
acknowledgement or in this Condition.
12.2 It is hereby expressly agreed that the Uniform Law on International Sales shall not apply to this Contract.
12.3 Where the goods are the subject of an export sale outside the United Kingdom.
12.3.1 Payment shall be made in the manner specified on the Company’s order acknowledgement.
12.3.2 The goods shall be delivered upon the terms specified in the Company’s order acknowledgment.
12.3.3 Unless otherwise agreed the Purchaser shall reimburse the Company for any carriage, freight and insurance and other charges
to the extent that any such costs incurred by the Company are not included in the price of the goods.
12.3.4 The Purchaser must obtain all necessary export or import licences, exchange control consents and all other approvals of
national and regional governments and authorities required to enable performance of the Contract as soon as reasonably
practicable and in no case later than required to enable the Company to deliver on the earliest date upon which the Company is
entitled to require the Purchaser to accept delivery. If delivery is delayed as result of the Purchaser’s failure to comply with its
obligations contained in this sub-condition the Company shall be entitled at its discretion to revise the price for the goods in the
Contract or to terminate the Contract without liability to the Purchaser for any direct or consequential loss suffered by the
12.3.5 Where-permitted by law the Company shall not be liable for any claim or claims in respect of death or personal injury resulting
from the negligence of the Company, its servants or agents.
13. Law
These Conditions and each and every Contract made pursuant thereto shall be governed in all respects by and in accordance
with the Laws of England and the Purchaser hereby submits to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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Vigortronix is a trading name of Vigortronix (UK) Ltd