Chassis Transformers : 6VA


  • Made in the UK
  • Power: 6 ~ 2KVA 50/60Hz
  • High Quality Transformer
  • Double Section Metric Bobbins
  • Temperature Class:- Class B (130.C)
  • Dielectric Strength: 3750Vrms
  • Manufactured and Tested in Accordance to EN61558, EN60950, CE
SKU: c1d13ae4e0fc


Sec Output Voltage Single 230V Primary Dual 115V / 230V Primary Dual 120V / 240V Primary
2 x 6V VTX-126-006-206 VTX-126-006-406 VTX-126-006-606
2 x 7.5V VTX-126-006-207 VTX-126-006-407 VTX-126-006-607
2 x 9V VTX-126-006-209 VTX-126-006-409 VTX-126-006-609
2 x 12V VTX-126-006-212 VTX-126-006-412 VTX-126-006-612
2 x 15V VTX-126-006-215 VTX-126-006-415 VTX-126-006-615
2 x 18V VTX-126-006-218 VTX-126-006-418 VTX-126-006-618
2 x 20V VTX-126-006-220 VTX-126-006-420 VTX-126-006-620
2 x 24V VTX-126-006-224 VTX-126-006-424 VTX-126-006-624