What We Do

At Vigortronix, our innovative electronics technology has powered consumer, commercial, and industrial electronics industries. We take pride in our work and are dedicated to continually building and improving upon it. Explore this page to find out what we can do for you.

Custom Design
Vigortronix provides services including technical skills, design.
UK Manufacturing
Local design and engineering teams provide quality and rapidly delivered products.
Supply Chain Management
We support activities related to the creation and distribution of our products.

Vigortronix customers often require products that meet their own requirements and which are not part of the existing product line or cannot be bought elsewhere.

There is a possibility that we have already engineered a similar product to your requirement in the past, with our experience of over 2000 successful custom projects completed. If not we welcome the chance to develop new and innovative designs. Our online catalogue represents only a small fraction of what we manufacture. If you do not see it here, please ask. We develop new products all of the time to meet customers’ requirements.

Need Advice on a project?

We are more than happy to help our customers with our team of knowledgeable experts, whether that is for technical or industry advice. If you do not see the product you need already listed on our website, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Vigortronix conducts various activities in connection with our products, from obtaining raw materials and production through distribution to the final customer, in the most efficient and cost-effective method possible.
Quick Response

Vigortronix is able to react to any market requirements with both efficiency and speed. We stock numerous parts ready for immediate shipment and have established an extensive global logistics network.

Reduced Costs

Vigortronix is able to consistently drive down distribution costs through contracts with shipping companies and forwarders. We also obtain our raw materials in bulk orders. This enables us to provide rapid and cost-effective service.

Extensive Experience

With dedicated teams of knowledgeable supply chain experts, our customers can be assured that only the highest quality materials are selected and used in our products.


We are able to store substantial supplies of raw materials and finished products in our warehouse facilities across the globe, thus providing the continuous and prompt supply that our customers come to expect.


Even with our global production network, we at Vigortronix have come to understand the importance of local manufacturing. The main reasons include greater and improved control over product quality, flexibility in our operations, and supporting people in the local community. We also endeavor to train and pass on skills to the next generation.

Having a local design and manufacturing facility also enables us to produce product samples rapidly and deliver them to customers in a short period, eliminating cross-border communication issues and delays.

Our UK factory based in Oxfordshire has been ideal for the low to medium volume requirements of our customers. Much of our audio and medical products have been produced here where there is special attention to the quality and heritage of our products that customers have come to experience.