Low Profile Transformers – UI30 2-9VA


  • Power rating: 2 ~ 30VA
  • Ambient temperature: 40ºC
  • Temperature class: Class B (130ºC)
  • Dielectric strength: 4200Vrms
  • 100% electrical and flash tested.
  • Manufactured and tested in accordance to EN61558 and EN60950


Part NumberPower Rating (VA)Input Voltage (Vac)Ouput Voltage (Vac)
VTX-127-3002-40622 x 1156V + 6V
VTX-127-3002-40922 x 1159V + 9V
VTX-127-3002-41222 x 11512V + 12V
VTX-127-3002-41522 x 11515V + 15V
VTX-127-3002-41822 x 11518V + 18V
VTX-127-3002-42422 x 11524V + 24V
VTX-127-3004-40642 x 1156V + 6V
VTX-127-3004-40942 x 1159V + 9V
VTX-127-3004-41242 x 11512V + 12V
VTX-127-3004-41542 x 11515V + 15V
VTX-127-3004-41842 x 11512V + 12V
VTX-127-3004-42442 x 11524V + 24V
VTX-127-3006-40662 x 1156V + 6V
VTX-127-3006-40962 x 1159V + 9V
VTX-127-3006-41262 x 11512V + 12V
VTX-127-3006-41562 x 11515V + 15V
VTX-127-3006-41862 x 11518V + 18V
VTX-127-3006-42462 x 11524V + 24V
VTX-127-3008-40682 x 1156V + 6V
VTX-127-3008-40982 x 1159V + 9V
VTX-127-3008-41282 x 11512V + 12V
VTX-127-3008-41582 x 11515V + 15V
VTX-127-3008-41882 x 11518V + 18V
VTX-127-3008-42482 x 11524V + 24V
VTX-127-3009-40692 x 1156V + 6V
VTX-127-3009-40992 x 1159V + 9V
VTX-127-3009-41292 x 11512V + 12V
VTX-127-3009-41592 x 11515V + 15V
VTX-127-3009-41892 x 11518V + 18V
VTX-127-3009-42492 x 11524V + 24V