AC Line Filter Common Mode Choke


  • Common mode – Low Current Choke
  • Suitable of filtering power supply in Audio & Communication applications.
  • Good attenuation of RFI
  • Frequncy Range: 0.1 ~ 10MHz
  • Operating Temperature: -25 to +80ºC
  • RoHS & REACH Compliant


Part NumberInductance (mH)Current (A)Rated Voltage (Vrms)Insulation Resistance
VTX-520-1011.52300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-1021.81.7300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-1032.21.5300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-10431.3300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-1053.51.2300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-1065.51300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-1077.40.8300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-108100.7300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-109120.6300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-110200.5300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-111300.4300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-112430.3300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-09010.51300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-09020.70.9300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-09030.80.8300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-090410.7300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-09051.50.6300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-09063.50.4300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-090760.3300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-0908100.25300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-0909150.2300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-0910200.15300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-0911300.1300>100M Ohms
VTX-520-0912430.08300>100M Ohms